Artist : Alan Lowndes 

 Willis Hall wrote: ‘Lowndes; artistically at least, has become more of a sociologist than a socialist.  He describes, vividly and with great insight; he observes the change, somewhat passively; but he does not prescribe the cure’.

Lowndess work is quite scarce since he was not as prolific as some. Lowndes left school at the age of fourteen and was apprenticed to a decorator in his home town of Stockport , Manchester.  He was a self-taught artist and his  first one-man show was held at Crane Kalman (then in Manchester) in 1950.  Public collections that hold his work include the Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool, the City Art Gallery, Manchester and Plymouth Art Gallery. Lowndes and Lowry were very much from the same stable, they shared the same dealer for example, and when you consider that the record for a Lowry is 3.7 million, it is easy to see why Alan Lowndes is so much in demand. He depicted street scenes and Northerners going about their daily business or enjoying their pleasures in the chip shop or pub. He later moved to Cornwall and added Cornish seascapes and local people to his repertoire. Finally the family moved to Gloucestershire until his death in 1978. Lowndes has a wide body of collectors and his paintings are now much sought after. Like Lowry, Lowndes was a painter of the working classes.  They had similarly simplistic styles of painting and like Lowry, Lowndes’s work presents a nostalgic vision of life in the urban north.  The work we currently have available is on paper ,an early work signed and dated 1953 and depicts railway bridge steps  - most likely in Stockport.