Barbara Rae R.A. C.B.E

Barbara Rae is one of our truly exceptional living artists. She was born in Falkirk, Scotland, and studied art at the Edinburgh College of Art from 1961 to 1965.

She is well known for her highly colourful abstract landscape-based works.Throughout her career, travel has been a huge influence upon her work,  which has resulted in a vibrancy and intensity of colour in  her painting. The work we currently have available is from a series of work produced when visiting South Africa in the mid 1990's. Rae uses washes of bold colours which bring the warmth of location to life. Using techniques such as pouring liquid over the work to blend the colour, she achieves depth and texture, with hues fading into each other. We here at Blondes Fine Art love her use of colour and abstraction and find that we become completely drawn in, to what  can only be described as some kind of tranquillity! It is her use of colour and textures, in which she captures the feeling of a place and gives it a sense of time.

Barbara Rae's accolades are numerous being elected President of the Society of Scottish Artists in 1983; Elected to the Royal Scottish Academy in 1992; the Royal Academy in 1996; a member of the Royal Fine Art Commission to Scotland since 1995; an honorary Fellow of the Royal College of Art and awarded a CBE in 1999.

Barbara  Rae's works are held in many  UK and international public and private collections, including those of the UK and Scottish Governments.