David Wynne

(1926 -2014 )  Sculptor of figures, animals, and portraits.

David Wynne has created more London sculptures than any other twentieth century artist yet he is not a household name. He was born in Lyndhurst, Hampshire, son of Commander Charles Edward Wynne,  Royal Navy  and Millicent (née Beyts), he was educated at Stowe School and then served in the Royal Navy at the end of World War II and read Zoology at Trinity College, Cambridge, taking up sculpture professionally in 1950. While at Cambridge he was excused study and examination , as the Fellows regarded him as being most use to society as a sculptor than a zoologist. I think they were very possibly correct as he went on to produce some of our most well known an best loved public works such as the Boy and a Dolphin located on London's Embankment ; Girl and a Dolphin at Tower Bridge; Guy the Gorilla at London Zoo and Fred Perry statue outside centre court at Wimbledon.

Wanted!     Sculpture by David Wynne.

We are currently seeking work by David Wynne so do please contact us here at Blondes Fine Art where Melanie & Mark will be happy to discuss this further with you. We are a small family business and offer a friendly, professional and trusted service.

Here is a link to a must see film interview with David Wynne when he talks about how he moves from study of animals in the wild to the finished sculpture.