Eduardo Paolozzi



Limited edition ceramic sculpture in perspex box issued by Rosenthal. Edition of 500, this no.74 .

Excellent condition, in original wooden box with certificate.

Professor Eugen Gomringer -
'This new sculpture by Paolozzi, like most of his work, shows a masterful use of the collage as an artistic medium. The technique of combining individual pictorial elements which at first sight have nothing in common with one another is an expression of the way in which the modern human being experiences the things which make up his environment. The artist, however, unites these things harmoniously under a certain theme. The dominating elements or symbols are obviously the saxophone, the moth and the human head and/or brain of same. Together they form the leitmotif: the technoidal environment of the metropolis. These three symbols are a convincing choice. There is more to the relationship between the natural world of the insect, jazz music and the human brain than just romantic harmony. Their combined effect may be likened to the functioning of a piece of technical apparatus. Seen in this light, Paolozzi's sculpture 'Tottenham Court Road' is an artistic allegory.'  


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