gwyneth johnstone

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Her pictures, which she called “romantic modern landscapes”, convey an innocent happiness .

Gwyneth Johnstone was born in late 1914. Her father Augustus John . Her work, however, had no obvious kinship with that of her father she was very much of her own mind and style it has a Lyrical folk quality reminiscent of other East Anglian greats such as Mary Potter and Mary Newcomb.

She has been described as “a gentle, wayward poet of paint ... unsullied by fashionable trends ... pursuing a highly personal course”.

Mother and daughter were to be inseparable and when her mother died Gwyneth refused to pay the cost of transporting her mother so collected the coffin herself strapping it to the roof of her estate car for the journey back to Norfolk from London. Gwyneth Johnstone and her mother are buried together in the church of St Theobald at Great Hautbois, Norfolk, England, UK

Gwyneth Johnstone studied at the Slade School of Fine Art and then with the Cubist painter André Lhote in Paris. For many years she lived at the village of Ramatuelle behind St Tropez, and that sunny landscape features in her work.

She had lessons in the 1950s with Cecil Collins, another maker of magical, dreamlike landscapes, and after studying the work of Christopher Wood and Paul Klee.

Gwyneth Johnstone was unmarried, but found a close companion in the professional pianist Francis Davies, whom she met in a nightclub in the late 1940s; he died in 2008.

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