Patrick hughes

We are huge fans of Patrick Hughes, because he's another of those artists that never cease to amuse and surprise us - in his own words he's "Hughesually known as Patrick Hues" (just one of his many alter egos). 
He is undoubtedly one of the most distinctive and idiosyncratic of all contemporary British artists with a style and subject matter that is uniquely his own - whether it be the ubiquitous rainbows that figured in much of his early work, or the reverspective boxed multiples that have now become his stand out work. There are good examples of these in several public places, most notably the British Library and Birmingham City Art Gallery. 
It was in the early 90s after many years producing witty surrealist 2D paintings, he developed his now signature style for which he coined the name "Reverspective", whereby objects that appear to be the furthest away are in fact the nearest, and vice versa. This of course is a variation on the traditional art form known as trompe l'oeil - which goes right back to Ancient Greek artists such as Zeuxis who fooled the birds with his still lives. As Hughes himself writes:" When you walk past one of them - your legs are telling you you're going one way, while your eyes are telling you you're going another". 

As a Surrealist he is a great admirer of the work of artists such as Magritte and Escher, and his whole oeuvre is bursting with wit, humour, illusionism and non sequiturs. 

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See also the book "A New Perspective" published by Flowers Gallery (2014) which contains a DVD on his life and work. 
In addition the Telegraph published an article on March 28th. 2016.