Donald McIntyre Artist

Donald McIntyre was born in Leeds in 1923 of Scottish parents and spent his early life in the west of Scotland. He was influenced by the teaching of James Wright RSW and McIntyre developed a palette firmly based in the Scottish Colourist tradition.
Whilst Donald McIntyre  first trained as a dentist; fortunately, however, the dental hospital was opposite Glasgow School of Art and he was able to attend evening classes there. He practised as a dentist, served in the army and taught in schools until the age of forty. Then, encouraged by the Howard Roberts Gallery in Cardiff, he left dentistry to become a full time painter. We have a great deal of respect for the Howard Roberts Gallery and also currently have other work by such artists as Gwilym Prichard that were exhibited there in the 1960's . It was responsible for he development of many wonderful Welsh artists even though it was open for only some 10 years or so.
Donald McIntyre lived in North Wales for some 45 years, travelling back to Scotland  most summers painting on Iona. Smaller works he often completed in situ but his sketches, which captured the rapidly changing light and mood, were taken back to his studio for reference. Donald McIntyre was inspired by the landscapes of his childhood and retained a lifelong love of the coastline of the British Isles. This love has been passed down to his grandson Sion who is now a painter in his own right.He remembers his grandfather as a very jolly person, full of fascinating and detailed stories of his life, which he loved to share with Sion. He approached art with tremendous enthusiasm. In an article written about Sion he said the following.....

“He  would head out painting and sometimes pick me up on the way so that we could paint together all day. His favourite locations were along the Anglesey coastline. In my early years my grandfather took me to meet Kyffin at his studio along the Menai Straits. Kyffin was often at family gatherings, and through meeting at these informal get-togethers our relationship grew. He then accompanied my grandfather and me, on a few occasions, when we went out sketching/painting. He taught me a love and appreciation of the subject matter that was right on my doorstep, and that it’s important for artists to search and strive to connect and form relationships with other artists.”

After the death of his grandfather he stopped painting for a year, but now he finds pleasure in revisiting the places they used to paint together.Like his grandfather, he completes the majority of his work on the spot, relishing the challenge of capturing the changing light and cloud formations.
Donald McIntyre has exhibited at the Royal Academy, Royal Scottish Academy, Royal Society of Marine Artists, the Fosse Gallery and in the Galleries Racines, Brussels; he was a member of the Royal Cambrian Academy of Art.Donald McIntyre’s work is in the permanent collections of H.R.H. The Duke of Edinburgh, Robert Fleming Holdings plc, The Williamson Art Gallery (Birkenhead), Newport Art Gallery, Merthyr Tydfil Art Gallery, The Welsh Arts Council, The National Library of Wales, The Welsh Contemporary Art Society, Anglesey and Gwynedd Education Authorities, University of Wales, Department of the Environment, British Steel, USA Embassy (London) and London University.