Kit lewis

Kathleen Margaret "Kit" Lewis (27 September 1911 – 1998) was a British painter whose work has been somewhat overlooked, as it is rare to find it come up for sale . She was born Godfrey-Faussett-Osborne so with a double hyphenated surname for so many years it is not a surprise that she shortened her first name to Kit . This may also have been because at the time female artists were less acclaimed than they are today and it may have given her work a degree of anonymity .

Kit Lewis studied at the Chelsea College of Art under Graham Sutherland and I think it is fair to say that his influence shows in the painting we currently have for offer . Also there at the time on the teaching staff were Henry Moore, together with two other welsh artists Edward Morland Lewis and John Piper. In 1940, she married Edward Morland Lewis, an artist who died in North Africa in 1943 while employed as a camouflage war artist.

In 1954, she married Sir James Maude Richards, an architectural writer who was a great friend of Leonard Manasseh R.A. , one of the last surviving architects of the Festival of Britain. He was a highly regarded designer and teacher who played a significant role in the Architectural Association School of Architecture (AA), Riba and Royal Academy over many decades.

The work we have comes directly from the estate of Leonard Manasseh.

Lewis joined The London Group in 1948 together with Henry Moore. In 1953, she had her first solo show at the Leicester Galleries and continued to show there on a frequent basis. The work of Kit lewis is held by a number of public collections.