Simon Palmer 

Simon Palmer paintings, when they come up for sale, are always in demand. Over the last three decades he has become one of  Britain's leading watercolour artists exhibiting both in the UK and abroad. He is one of the modern masters who draws upon the greats of the past! Palmer's work  reminds me of Rowland Hilder, John and Paul Nash, Eric Ravilious and Edward Bawden. So in short - we love it!  But whatever artists he recalls or has been influenced by, Simon Palmer is always powerfully English. He somehow manages to distil the essence of his native Yorkshire countryside and while doing so, in the 21st century, he still always reminds me of the 1940/50's.
Born in Doncaster in 1956 Simon Palmer  grew up in the South East of England before moving back to Yorkshire. As soon as he moved back he began to exhibit at provincial galleries with huge success. He also had a one man show at Liberty's , London in 1979 and then the Royal Academy in 1987. He went on to exhibit a the Bohun Gallery , Henley in the 1990's when he began to become more well known. Simon Palmer was the 'critic's choice' in The Independent in May 1995 and a profile appeared on him in Artist's and Illustrator's magazine in November of the same year. In 1997 he was subject of a feature in Country Life magazine when Iain Gale said of Simon Palmer, 
that he
 "observes with compassion, how the life of the country is governed by the seasons. But , this country life, as seen by Palmer, can often be bizarre. The viewer is never sure where the world of reality ends and that of the artists imagination begins.... 
He is in effect , an interpreter between the land and the viewer, allowing us to see, in the natural world, something that we might not first perceive."

In 2004 there was a retrospective show of Simon Palmer's work at the Mercer Art Gallery, Harrogate and in 2007 , at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition , he won the Tuner/Winsor & Newton Watercolour Award. He has also exhibited at the Glydebourne Festival Opera exhibition and is an Honorary Member of the Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours. In 2011 a major monograph was published called  'The Art of Simon Palmer'. We love the titles he gives to his work such as "Monks returning from the nunnery" and "Recovering restless souls" which draw you into the work as much as  his fantastic detail. Simon Palmer has exhibited throughout the UK - most recently at the Portland Gallery London and his work is held by many significant private collections.
Simon Palmer lives and works in Wenslydale, North Yorkshire