artist: tom gerrard

Tom Gerrard was born in Gaerwen on Anglesey in 1923 . He passed his school exams early and went on to achieve top grades in his Higher School Certificate, earning himself an Oxbridge scholarship.The local paper came to take his picture when he passed his exams, but they had to come back and do it again because he had a copy of Wizard comic tucked in his belt. 

After working as a telephone engineer and spending time in the Royal Navy, he took a job with the Inland Revenue. The job, and a series of promotions, took him away from his beloved Anglesey to Cardiff and then on to London. In March 1976 he was due to return from London to Cardiff when he suffered a massive heart attack and died.

One of the greatest fans of his work was the celebrated artist Kyffin Williams. The two were mutual admirers of each others work and there are clear similarities between their paintings. Kyffin and Tom Gerrard were great friends and Kyffin bought his paintings.

Tom Gerrard had a paintings exhibited at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in 1974 or 75 and education authorities used to buy his work in the days when they had a budget for art. Galleries used to ring him and ask for paintings and a lot of people bought them.