mark hearld

B. 1974

Mark Hearld will be exhibiting with us at the Connect Art Fair between 29th January 2019 and 2nd February 2019 and we are delighted that we can offer a large herd of his wonderful ceramic horses to a London audience.
The work will be available in person at the private view from 3.30 pm - 9 pm on Tuesday 29th January and the following day from 11 am we will be taking phone and internet enquires. Do contact us for more details.
Mark Hearld is unique. A man born with a need to make marks - in whatever way needed -  to bring to life his magical world of colour, texture and beauty. Mark Hearld, some how seems to have stepped out of the past and updated the world of the British Neo-Romantic artists such as Piper and Sutherland; the world of collage such as Julian Trevelyan and again Piper; and continued the tradition of the Great Bardfield artist such as Edward Bawden, Sheila Robinson  and Michael Rothenstein.
Mark Heard grew up in Yorkshire , where he still lives with his partner Emily Sutton who is also a wonderful artist. He spent many a day as a child investigating farmyards and the animals, both wild and domesticated, that resided there. He has always had a passion for nature and it is this love that has had a profound impact on his artistic development. He was fortunate to study illustration at the Glasgow School of Art, where his tutors included the artist Mick Manning , himself a wonderful animal illustrator. So Mark found that he had not only a great teacher but someone who had a love and great knowledge  of nature. Manning was keen to encourage his students to draw outside and seems to have resulted in Mark Hearld's skill in observing birds and other animals in a unique way. Mark continued his studies in London at the Royal College of Art where he undertook an MA in natural-history illustration and again found a kindred spirit in the form of his tutor John Norris Wood who was the Zoological illustrator. Norris Wood had studied under Cedric Morris at Benton End in Suffolk and later taught by John Minton and Edward Bawden so I like to think that Mark Hearld has direct linage from these great artists and is an extension of their designer eye.
He has certainly developed into a diverse artist and loves to produce things in many different mediums. He is perhaps best known for his collage work which is simply divine, but has recently taken to ceramic work which has some similarity to those of Picasso. 
Who knows where he will take us next? Perhaps back to large scale oil painting or murals? We will have to wait and see what he creates in his new studio in York , but whatever it might be we look forward to seeing it.

Mark Hearld really is an artist to watch. Unique in his appreciation of the traditional in this ever digitalised , contemporary art world and someone who has a huge collectors following.