A little information about "Blondes"

"I have had a passion for Art for as long as I can recall, and I built up a small collection, when funds permitted, of mid Twentieth Century works during my 31 year career working for the Metropolitan Police Service. During this time I was involved in many high profile investigations and became the Detective Superintendent with overall management responsibility for the Art and Antique Unit based at Scotland Yard. As a result I developed, and retain, close working relationships with many Museums, Art Dealers and Gallery owners. It was the support and encouragement of a number of these friends, together with my family, that led me to start Blondes Fine Art upon my retirement from the Police Service. Now, my aim is simply to operate a trusted, open and honest business providing the very best quality, value for money and customer service possible  "     Mark Ponting - Owner of Blondes fine Art

"Mark and I have been married for over 30 years . We have loved collecting art over this time and now really enjoy assisting others in selling or adding to their collections . We meet some wonderful people and there is always a glass of something waiting in the fridge or a cup of coffee waiting for those who come to view work in our private converted stable yard gallery. I also have the pleasure of working at Henry Moore House & Gardens during the summer months so will be happy to provide you with information on the current exhibition. For me , this business is not about making huge profits , but about sharing our love of art and offering our clients great value and honest unbiased advice. I look forward to meeting you. " Melanie Ponting  - Owner of Blondes Fine Art

We have a diverse clientèle that is centred on London and the South East of England. Working closely with private and corporate collectors as well as interior designers we have a real feel for what is currently trending in the world of fine art and design.

The question that I am always asked is , Why the name Blondes?
And the the answer is very simple . I have spent 23 years living with 3 beautiful blonde women, my wife and two daughters. They liked the name and are always right, so we are Blondes Fine Art................. unforgettable, simple and beautiful!

What we do

We offer advice to clients who wish to source specific works and will locate that hard to find item within a specific budget and at a very reasonable fixed rate commission.
We also handle the discreet sale of items on consignment from private and corporate collectors.
We offer advice on acquiring pieces at auction and bid, confidentially, on behalf of clients. 
We have a network of specialist associate consultants with decades of experience who are happy to travel worldwide to value and advise you on your sale or purchase of work.
We offer discreet valuations for insurance, probate, estate and inheritance tax.
We work closely with the very best Art Restorer, who has over 30 years experience, and can arrange for works to be assessed, cleaned or fully restored. 
We regularly purchase Fine Art , Twentieth Century designer furniture and collectables direct from private clients and welcome expressions of interest from those thinking of selling an inherited collection.

Contact us via the phone or email, at the top of the page, to arrange an appointment.

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