Clare Winsten

(nee Clara Birnberg 1892 - 1984)

One of the “Whitechapel Boys" group of artist she emigrated to England from Galicia around 1902 settling in the heart of the Jewish region of London's East End. She studied at the Slade school of art and was friends with so many great artist such as Bomberg, Roberts, Kramer, Gertler, Nevinson, Spencer, Epstein , and the list goes on and on. Influenced by the early days of modernism her early work, some of which Blondes are delighted to have on offer, is of equal standing to those of the great modernist, cubists and vorticists of the time.

Clare Winsten went to the Slade as a student in 1910, the year when Roger Fry's "Manet and the Post-Impressionists" exhibition changed the views of many artists in London.

Clare's work, taken in total, present a wide range of psychological and formal modes. Those which appear to be early share a rhythmic simplification with the generation of Gaudier-Brzeska, and a heritage from Brancusi, Picasso of around 1908, and Matisse . From more remote history, there are reminders of Ostade's peasant victims, Rembrandt's grimacing self-portraits, or Fuseli's "head-on-hand" self-scrutiny.

If you are interested in this artist or the whitechapel group of jewish artists I highly recommend the book published by the Ben Uri “ Whitechapel at war Isaac Rosenberg and his circle " by Rachel Dickson and Sarah Macdougall. Chapter 7 is devoted to Clare Winsten.