denis wirth - miller  Artist


Denis Wirth - Miller is a film waiting to be made! Whenever anyone asks me about this artist I always recommend they read the best Art book I have read for a long, long time. The Visitors' Book In Francis Bacon's shadow: The lives of Richard Chopping and Denis Wirth-Miller by Jon Lys Turner charts the amazing life of this artist, so if you are reading this and have not read the book; turn off your computer; order the book ; read it and then come back to visit us here at Blondes Fine Art and look at the work we have on sale. This book charts the life of two of the most pivotal yet unknown artists of the twentieth century. Wirth-Miller's life is a tale of innovation, excess and hedonism, he and his partner Dickie Chopping were part of a group of mostly gay young men living in Fitzrovia London and drinking in the clubs of Soho during the war and post war years. Friends with Colquhoun, McBryde, Minton, Spender, Craxton, Vaughan and many others yet Francis Bacon was Wirth-Millers greatest friend. They would drink together, live together, holiday and even painted together collaborating on a number of canvases. Denis Wirth -Miller was held in great regard by Francis Bacon and we also hold that same affection for the man and his work. In actual fact his work is also to be found in the Queen's and previously the Queen mothers collections. Wirth-Miller was a friends of the Royal family and was a guest at the wedding of the Earl of Mountbatten's daughter which was attended by all of the Royal family.