Elizabeth Blackadder RSA, RSW, RA

Scottish painter born 1931. For most, Elizabeth Blackadder is synonymous with her glorious watercolours depicting cats and flowers , but here at Blondes we have a particular love of her work from the 1960's. Free and without constraint, much of her work was painted in pencil, watercolour and pastels out in the field and the spontaneity really brings the work to life. She had her first solo show in 1959 at the 57 gallery situated in George Street, Edinburgh and with mainly work from her travels with John Houston , her husband, as they had gone to Spain for the first time in 1958. This was followed by perhaps her first real solo show ,held at Aitken Dott's in 1961, and it was a work from here that was exhibited at the RSA in 1962 and won her the Guthrie Award.
The life of Elizabeth Blackadder and her husband had really started to change and one of the catalysts was the purchase of their first car which gave them the freedom to travel and record in paint . They went to Brittany in 1961, then France,  Spain and Portugal and the work from this period depicts the landscapes of these countries and those of the parts of Scotland that had , until this time, been hard to access such as the Western fishing villages , Skye and Argyll. As we move through the 1960s we see a lightening of Elizabeth Blackadder's palette due to the influence of the Mediterranean light.
She was born in Falkirk and studied at Edinburgh College of Art and Edinburgh University, 1949–55. She has over the years worked in oil and watercolour and in  two main areas, landscape and still life—the work from the 1960's is often of landscapes which she captured while on tour with her husband , John Houston , both in Scotland and overseas. In later years she worked more slowly in the studio on several paintings at the same time. Whatever your particular preference the one thing about which there is little debate is that Elizabeth Blackadder  is one of or greatest modern artists.

Wanted ! original paintings by this artist.please do Call us if you are thinking of selling.

Blondes Fine Art are extremely pleased to be able to offer a collection of work which date from the 1960's together with a watercolour of Poppies and a pastel of her cats which dates from the 1990's and was exhibited in the 1992 summer exhibition.

Link to RA video trailer of Dame Elizabeth Blackadder painting