Jean Powell

She is  a world-leading ceramicist whose mosaics are sought after by the richest oil sheikhs.

Her art, composed like giant jigsaws on the floor of a backwater industrial estate in North Wales, decorates the golden domes and minarets of the holiest Muslim city of Mecca. Her designs are wonderful. Jean has spent her life exploring a connection between life drawing and hand made ceramics. Jean’s interest in drawing became most notable in her later high school years at Wallasey. Probably, more than anything, in Jean there is a passion for life drawing – today, Jean draws regularly. It has been a lifetime’s empathy – though it was at Wallasey Art School that she was first introduced to ceramics. It is a fine line that distinguishes her passion for life drawing from her interest in ceramics. To Jean, to all intents and purposes they are one and the same – inseparable!  In her late 80’s she visits Craig Bragdy’s factory and swimming pool design room daily as part of her routine.  Her vision today remains sharp, focused and indefatigable.