Jo in the mid 60's - as cool as her work

Jo in the mid 60's - as cool as her work

Jo Brocklehurst

(1935 - 2006)

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British artist best known for her lively portrayals of the European club scene and London Punk community during the 1980's. Brocklehurst worked as a fashion illustrator early in her career, though she disliked being described as an illustrator, preferring the terms painter or draughtsperson. During the 1960's she sketched jazz musicians.
A year after Brocklehurst was featured in her first solo exhibition in Amsterdam 1979, she made a major breakthrough at the Institute of Contemporary Art exhibition "Women's Images of Men." Her work soon became widely recognized in the United States and Europe, and was compared by more than one critic to the work of Austrian artist Egon Schiele.

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