Artist: Robert buhler RA

Oil painting on canvas for sale “ Sloane Square 1946” This is an outstanding work worthy of any public gallery collection and a super rare opportunity to acquire an iconic painting.

Robert Buhler R.A. (1916 - 1989) The artist Robert Buhler was born in London to Swiss parents. His father worked for British Intelligence between the wars. Robert Buhler studied at St Martin’s and the Royal College of Art and was strongly associated with the Euston Road School of artists. In 1945 he moved into a house in Carlyle Square, Chelsea which was convenient for his new role on the staff of the Chelsea School of Art where other tutors at the time included Henry Moore and Graham Sutherland. From here Buhler went on to teach at the Central School of Art and the Royal College of Art. Buhler was very much at home painting the London scenes that he knew so well and a number of these were exhibited in the Royal Academy Summer Exhibitions from 1945 to 1948 period and uniquely were often painted from a high point looking down on the location. Three such examples are “Carlyle Square” in the Tate, “Green Park” in the Royal Academy and “Bomb site in Chelsea” in the Museum of London collections. This particular exhibition piece by Buhler titled “Sloane Square” has been unseen on the market since it was first painted in 1946, is in wonderful condition and retains its original period frame. This is very much one of the Londonscapes that this artist painted in the late 1940’s and is 3’ x 2’ 6 in dimension. These paintings rarely appear on the secondary market as most are in public collections but the provenance for this particular work could not be better. It was exhibited at the Leicester Galleries , London in 1946 where it was purchased by Buhler’s mother in law who was married to James Fairfax Jones the owner and founder of the Everyman Cinema in Hampstead in 1933 where she ran the Everyman Gallery from the Cinema foyer. Blondes Fine Art are delighted to be able to offer this very special work for sale. Please do feel free to contact Blondes Fine Art for further information.

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