Robin Philipson, HRA, PRSA, RSW

1916 - 1992

Robin Philipson  studied at Edinburgh College of Art from 1936 to 1940, becoming a lecturer there in 1947. He was a influential presence on the Scottish Art Scene for more than three decades.Robin Philipson  had numerous commitments as Head of School of Drawing and Painting at Edinburgh College of Art and eventually President of the Royal Scottish Academy.  In the 1950's Robin Philipson was influenced by American Abstract Expressionism. It was at this time that he worked on his famous cockfighting series. He had his first solo show  in 1954.

Like many Scottish artists of his generation,Robin  Philipson was well-known for his bold colours, heavy impasto and his free use of paint, yet he always retained a precise figurative element within his work. In 1960 Philipson visited Amiens Cathedral in Northern France. Gothic architecture combined with stained-glass windows provided the source for a number of paintings of church interiors and crucifixions during this period. He received many honours throughout his life including being knighted for service to the arts in Scotland in 1976.