Tessa newcomb

We love the work of Tessa Newcomb ,her small oils on board fit anywhere in the house and bring a smile to your face when you walk past them.Tessa Newcomb's paintings are rooted in East Anglian tradition of her mother Mary and the likes of Mary Potter. They have a dream-like hazy realism that makes you smile whenever you pass one of her work. They hide an enigmatic narrative and often depict a simple act that  makes one recall such things as a summers day or childhood experience. She manages to keep the images so very simple in the most complex way. The detail draws you from one side of the picture to another and leaves you wanting to look again, and again to make sure you have taken it all in, taking the viewer on a waltz with nature.Tessa Newcomb is a painter in oil on board. She was born in Suffolk, daughter of the artist Mary Newcomb. She studied at Norwich School of Art, 1972-3, and gained an honours degree from Bath Academy of Art, 1976, doing a year's advanced printmaking at Wimbledon School of Art, 1977. Scenes of the Suffolk countryside and coastline  the dominate her work.

Tessa lives at Wenhaston, Suffolk with her partner Telfer Stokes who is the son of Margaret Mellis

 Also Wanted - work by Mary Newcomb.