Artist: Walter Hoyle

(B. 1922 -2000)

Walter Hoyle was a printmaker, watercolourist, designer and teacher who was born in Lancashire . He was the youngest of four children and when he was three his father died . This resulted in him living with his aunt in Blackpool while his mother moved to London to find work. Hoyle was always interested in drawing and at 16 years of age he went to study at Beckenham school of art before obtaining a scholarship to go to the RCA. It was there , in 1949 , he met Edward Bawden for the first time before later visiting Bawden in Great Bardfield , Essex after receiving a letter of invitation. From then on they became great friends and collaborated on a number of works. 

Walter Hoyle taught at St Martins school of art but eventually moved to live in Great Bardfield and later Great Saling and Bottisham near Cambridge where he worked at the school of art until his retirement in 1984.

Walter was married to Denise Hoyle who has had no formal art training but has always used her natural artistic talents to make collages, ceramics, prints and paintings. She moved from France to England to marry  Walter Hoyle. They lived  in Great Bardfield with other artists at that time; Edward Bawden, Bernard Cheese, Michael Rothenstein. She produces delicate watercolours and has become recognised as a talented member of the Bardfield Group , with the Fry Gallery holding examples of her work.