Mark Hearld - Collage and Ceramics For Sale

Mark Hearld is, as any of you who follow our blog pages will already know, an artist of immense talent and someone who features in our own personal art collection.  He loves to create and has over the years been equally as happy making marks in oil paint, lino, print, collage, wood, and ceramics. We are delighted to have some of his very recent ceramic work available to buy and think that they offer remarkable value while they are sure to become collectors items of the future.

Mark Hearld's first ceramics were decorated blanks in a ceramic cafe where he decorated  bisqueware which then went for its final firing in much the same way that the great painters from the potteries worked in the 20th century. He went on to explore the use of scraffiti and slip trailing before collaborating with the great master potter , Terry Shone in Whitby.

Mark Hearld Ceramic Horse

Mark Hearld Ceramic Horse

In more recent times Mark Hearld has worked with a low volume pottery producer in Stoke on Trent . This came about when he was initially away in Berlin for a few days with Emily Sutton and they came across an old wooden horse that had wheels on its base and had been a child's toy. It was for sale in a flea market so , being the great collectors that they are, it was purchased and came home to York and then onto the potteries to be the model for a mould. The rest is history as Mark has now produced a small number of his ceramic horses in a hand full of batches each individually decorated by him and are of such great proportion that they make a feature and talking point in whichever room they are located. We here at Blondes Fine Art love the simplicity of form and nobleness of stance which when combined with Mark's decorative verve makes them a must have item.

The most recent output by Mark, in Stoke on Trent, are a new series of slipware platters which have been hand produced in small numbers and have designs inspired by his recent visit to the USA with birds such as the Blue Jay featuring strongly. Mark Hearld will continue to produce great work in all mediums and we very much look forward to seeing his latest output, a ceramic cockerel, which is still in the design stage. But for now we are delighted to be able to offer a selection of ceramic and other work by Mark Hearld and if you check out his artist page here at Blondes Fine Art you will find a few gems still available to purchase. Don't miss out !